Disaster Recovery Project Case study & Implementation


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This is a very competitive age for technology and its associated businesses. In order to stay ahead of the competition, the management of a firm needs to be exceedingly smart. Therefore, some companies opted for the offshoring concept in order to capitalize on the vast labor available in developing countries, thus saving money.

At the outset, this (off-shore outsourcing) was a very attractive proposal and seemed like an effective one. But what these receptor firms outside offered in quantity, they could not always offer in quality. It also slowly became difficult to manage the projects that had been outsourced offshore and companies started running into various issues such as lack of standards, lack of appropriate knowledge transfer, security issues, coordination issues, etc.

At the same time, trying to implement their projects within the US using local resources is also increasingly difficult as the costs are very high and with the competition, it is no longer feasible to fund such costly solutions. Therefore, companies need to find a way in which they don’t have to compromise on quality for lower costs.

We, at OMNITECH Systems, recognized this need and tried to come up with a solution that would balance these two needs; namely, lower cost and better quality. Thus evolved our ValuSourcing and Mentor-Protege programs.ValuSourcing is a new effective way to obtain valuable resources ; a ValuSource being both a high quality and relatively inexpensive resource.

How do we do it? Better quality of work is provided by experienced professionals. However, such professionals do not come at an affordable price locally. OMNITECH uses its elite team of professionals who are experts in various areas of technology to train some hand-picked local college graduates in highly challenging projects. Such trainees are molded into consultants that follow high software development standards and are comfortable working in diverse environments.

In short, we make the highly motivated, talented and enthusiastic college graduates into proteges that will be an asset to any organization. In fact, some of our mentors were proteges too!!!!