Smart Client applications has the advantages of centralized control and security, and End Users' needs for power and flexibility — by merging the usability, performance and integration of Desktop applications with a centrally-managed, secure, easy to deploy and low maintenance cost solution.  They combine robust business solutions that use the Internet as a worldwide LAN with true Desktop functionality and performance. Smart Client solutions cater to the needs of both IT administrators and End Users.

Smart client applications can be designed to combine the benefits of a rich client application with the deployment and manageability strengths of a thin client application. Most smart clients share some or all of the following characteristics:
  • Make use of local resources
  • Make use of network resources
  • Support occasionally connected users
  • Provide intelligent installation and update
  • Provide client device flexibility

  • The connected nature of smart client applications allows them to provide valuable data aggregation, analysis, and transformation services.

    OMNITECH has gained the expertise to rapidly develop applications for various Windows platforms. Our development team has the capability to develop robust and scalable ASP .NET web applications and Windows Mobile Smart Device web applications in reasonable timeframes.